Let Me Introduce Myself.......

At an early age, I always found a sense of comfort in springing into action to help those in need. I witnessed daily acts of unselfish gestures rendered to family members, friends, and neighbors, by my Mother and Grandparents, and saw the joy it would bring to those who were the lucky recipients of their many blessings.


Blessed with great role models, I too decided to play an important role in the World. Spanning over the past 25 years, I worked in the various roles of HR Director, Manager, Paralegal, and Consultant, which has allowed me to be very instrumental in helping families facing Foreclosure, Eviction, and Divorce, navigate their rocky legal waters, steering them onto calmer shores filled with positive resolutions! 

Writing this book has allowed me to share some insightful topics infused with hope, wisdom, and positive vibes, to prevent one from making excessive "Y" turns in life.  It has been designed with a Compass that will point you towards your true callings, to help you conquer your storms, and cross your "finish lines" with VIGOR, as you find fun and exciting ways to Carry Over Into Happiness!

Angela Felice

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